Acupuncture addresses PTSD on a fundamental level

It is reassuring to know that post traumatic stress disorder and its pervasiveness has finally been deeply acknowledged for those who have risked their lives in war. The United States Department of Veteran's Affairs has put forth the following information regarding the number of Vets that suffer from PTSD. Soldiers in the:

  • Iraq and Afghanistan Wars: 20%

  • Gulf War: 10%

  • Vietnam War: 30%

On the positive side, there is now a push for acupuncture treatment to address the many symptoms associated with this disorder. The very nature of the problem, that is, a basic gut  (visceral) level response  to a stimulus, or reminder of the traumatic event, profoundly matches the purpose and method of action of acupuncture. 

The link between emotions and health

In Chinese Medicine, emotions and the internal organs are closely linked and, in fact, dependent upon each other for optimal health. Thus, when there is emotional distress — such as that brought upon by a tragic experience or memory — then we expect there will be a physical disruption of function associated with that emotion, and vice-versa.  

Since acupuncture addresses physical and emotional symptoms simultaneously, it is an ideal intervention for veterans. Acupuncture will help to re-establish healthier responses to stimuli by optimizing the function of every organ and by normalizing the Wei Qi, which in Chinese medicine, helps to effectively filter out unwanted stimuli while protecting the body's internal function.

How our practice works to improve mental health

As your health care practitioners, we will start by evaluating all of your symptoms and take into consideration every organ system. Then we’ll select the best combination of acupuncture points to improve your health.

At our practice, we’ve seen hundreds of patients with mental health conditions ranging from PTSD to depression to various mood disorders. Importantly, you should call or email us with specific questions so that we can start you on the best road of rehabilitation and recovery.


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