A natural alternative to cosmetic procedures

Research has shown that acupuncture enhances blood flow throughout the body. When this occurs, the muscles become infused with oxygen and nutrients which helps with muscle strength and tone. The outcome can be an appearance of increased firmness, vigor and tone. In addition, imbalances in the body and emotional stress can manifest as aging on the face. By correcting these imbalances, we can create a more youthful appearance.

Enhanced production of collagen

Facial acupuncture also stimulates the body’s natural immune system, leading to increased local blood flow, improved lymphatic drainage, and a biochemical response that results in increased collagen production. Unlike injectables which mimic this effect, acupuncture works to improve the look of the entire face, not just certain spots.

Facial acupuncture is effective for improving bags under eyes, dry or itchy skin, sagging skin, wrinkles, acne, swelling, puffiness and congestion. It’s also an excellent option for improving the cosmetic appearance of eyelids, eyebrows and overall facial tone.


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