What is Gua Sha or cupping used for?

These techniques serve a wide variety of symptoms. Usually performed at the beginning of a session, then followed with acupuncture, they can significantly relieve pain and initiate a systemic healing response. Therefore, most diagnoses for which acupuncture is relevant also respond quite well to gua sha. Gua sha serves to augment the effectiveness of the entire session.

Who will perform these techniques?

Judi Weinstein, L.Ac., L/OTR and Kerry Weinstein, L.Ac. are NCCAOM board-certified acupuncturists, and the owners of Acupuncture Family Practice. They have been practicing Chinese and Japanese acupuncture, as well as herbal medicine, in the Sudbury and Concord areas for over 40 years.

Additionally, they have been Staff Acupuncturists at Emerson Hospital for over 10 years. Combined, Judi and Kerry have given over 230,000 treatments to the patients of Acupuncture Family Practice.

Kerry trained in acupuncture in Shanghai, China, and holds a Masters of Acupuncture. He was previously on staff at the New England Rehabilitation Hospital for 5 years. Judi Weinstein is an acupuncturist and an occupational therapist, and is skilled in myofascial release as well as craniosacral therapy.

What is a session like?

An ointment will be applied to the area - upper or lower back, neck arms or hips - and will then be rubbed off in such a way that a bruising occurs. This is a healthy bruising as the body's response is to form new capillaries and circulation will increase by 400 percent over a few minutes. Athletes utilize these consistently before and after performances.

Should I expect immediate results?

Most often, yes. Many ailments will respond immediately and yield better range of motion, less pain and an enhanced feeing of well being.


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