Acupuncture can play a significant role when an individual is undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments

If possible, beginning acupuncture treatment as soon as a diagnosis is confirmed is helpful. The reason is that the function of acupuncture is not just to help relieve symptoms when they occur, but to minimize, as much as possible, the manifestation of symptoms in the first place.

At Acupuncture Family Practice we have had many years of experience working with all oncology diagnoses. Though each diagnosis and person is individual, there are general principles of treatment we have developed. The successful management of symptoms is dependent upon a variety of treatment techniques, frequency of treatments and timing of treatments.

We focus on the following main time periods most patients experience:

From initial diagnosis until Western treatment begins

Here we focus on reducing stress and anxiety, as well as resolving pre-existing symptoms and strengthening the body's vitality.

Before and after surgery

Acupuncture can assist in preparing the body to more efficiently reduce pain and inflammation, enabling a smoother surgical and recovery experience. Some surgeries, such as a mastectomy, can lead to lymphedema. Acupuncture has great potential to address this problem, even without inserting needles into the affected arm.

During chemotherapy or radiation

Research has shown acupuncture to be very helpful for nausea and lack of salivary function. Additionally acupuncture is effective for fatigue, neuropathy, bone pain, hot flashes and sweats, digestive symptoms, lymphedema and an experience of mental 'Fogginess'.

After chemotherapy or radiation 

The goal here is to help the mind and body surge ahead to regain any lost vitality and clear up lingering symptoms.

Staying on course

One of the true benefits of acupuncture is that it reduces the potential that a patient will have side-effects, limiting the possibility that that a person will have to temporarily discontinue Western treatment, or switch away from the chemotherapy of choice.


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