Acupuncture helps recovery from concussions

A positive trend in the treatment of concussions includes the use of acupuncture to address the variety of symptoms associated with this type of closed head trauma.  While rest and temporary cessation of physical and mental activity are recommended and helpful, they do not alleviate symptoms during the recovery process. The patient is left to wait for the body to naturally restore function. In addition, there are many instances in which symptoms persist and become a chronic interference in the patient’s life. Acupuncture has been used for the following:

  • Reduce the intensity and frequency of headaches

  • Relieve associated neck pain and increase range of motion

  • Increase physical endurance to enhance therapy

  • Enable participation in academic activity earlier in the recovery process

  • Help ensure a full recovery without lingering symptoms

Used by the United States Department of Defense

The United States Department of Defense uses acupuncture to address concussions soldiers sustain on the battlefield and reports significant benefits to their patients.

We have seen remarkable results when treating post concussion syndrome and associated symptoms experienced by children, teenagers, athletes and adults. Although the body usually does eventually restore function without intervention, it is medically appropriate to enhance that natural ability. We highly recommend the use of acupuncture as soon as possible to limit patient suffering and maximize healing.


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