I have been a client of Acupuncture Family Practice for 2.5 years. I have Multiple Myeloma, a bone marrow blood cancer. This has resulted in severe pain in my spine, high levels of opioid prescribed treatment by my oncologist and a spinal fusion.

Kerry and Judi have been instrumental in stabilizing my pain levels and increasing my immunity to help fight my cancer. They were a great help in my eight month opioid withdrawal process. Thankfully, I am in remission and I credit Kerry and Judi for their invaluable expertise and care along with my oncology team.

I began seeing Acupuncture Family Practice over a year ago for pain management after a diagnosis of frozen shoulder. At that time I had been receiving physical therapy but was struggling with pain. Not only did acupuncture provide me with significant pain relief, but together with Gua Sha I have made tremendous progress in what can be a lingering, tenacious problem. My shoulder is now nearly full range of motion with very little pain. Judi and Kerry have provided an extraordinarily caring, professional approach to treatment which has vastly improved my day to day function.

Judi and Kerry Weinstein have been so incredibly helpful and caring to my family. I first brought my 7 year old daughter to them after being unexplainably sick for almost 2 years, missing school, play dates, and unable to enjoy life. Finally someone suggested acupuncture. I found Judi and Kerry who had me bring her right in. Within 1 month the color came back to her face, the dark circles disappeared from under her eyes, and she was feeling better, going to school, having play dates, and living her life. We are so thankful for Judi and Kerry healing our daughter!

I am a working mom of 2 who has been dealing with extreme stress due to health issues in the family. This stress has taken a toll on my health, and I carry all of this stress on my shoulders which leads to headaches. Judi and Kerry have helped me through all of this. I am so thankful for all of the help they have given me. Not only have they kept me healthy, I feel they have kept me sane, dealing with each problem that comes along. I highly recommend them and their treatments!

I’ve been a patient of Judi and Kerry’s for close to 10 years. Initially, I needed help with plantar fasciitis, but have also received treatment for occasional vertigo and a strained hamstring.

My plantar fasciitis was severe and my foot would hurt from the moment I awoke until I went to sleep. Even the pressure from driving a car was excruciating. I wasn’t able to run, walk or enjoy an active life. I tried many other remedies (multiple cortisone shots, physical therapy, custom orthotics, a walking cast, and an experimental invasive therapy) and decided to try acupuncture as a last resort before surgery. It turned out to be a great decision! Judi and Kerry assured me I would get better - not immediately - but eventually with time. After 2 - 3 months the relief came and I was able to run, walk and live pain-free again. I continue to use acupuncture as maintenance to keep my feet happy and healthy.

Judi and Kerry are knowledgeable, patient, warm and supportive. They helped keep my spirits up, even when I felt discouraged and depressed. Appointments are easy to make, the location is convenient, and acupuncture is a time efficient treatment.
— Plantar Fasciitis, Vertigo, Strained Hamstring, 51

I began seeing Judi and Kerry to support my IVF process, and then continued through my pregnancy to help with managing symptoms. This is the second time they’ve helped me with conception. Acupuncture played a large part both in doing the magic that it does for your body and helping with rest and relaxation during immensely stressful times. Judi and Kerry have flexible schedules, are easy to talk to, and are very knowledgeable.
— Fertility & Pregnancy, 38

Acupuncture Family Practice was referred to me by a close friend and I couldn’t be more grateful for the recommendation.

I called Kerry and Judi on a Sunday morning looking for help. I was diagnosed with MS 6 months earlier and was dealing with red, hot feet at night (erythromelalgia). I was sleep deprived and lost.

Judi answered the phone and said I could come in that day. I went in hopeful, but not knowing what to expect. Judi patiently explained the treatment and some of the underlying causes of my conditions. I left not feeling much and wondering if acupuncture worked for me. Then, about 10 minutes later, it felt as though a cloud had lifted. For the first time in months I felt like myself. My head was clear and there was a lightness that I had truly missed. I was thrilled.

Initially, I started going 3 days per week and noticed significant improvement. My swelling was down, my feet were showing progress, and my overall wellness was better.

A little over a year later, I still see Kerry and Judi every other week. They have been an integral part of my healing and acupuncture has been one of the key components in my holistic journey. They are a wonderful complement to each other and I have recommended them to all of my providers for referral.

Thank you Kerry and Judi for everything you do!
— Multiple Sclerosis, 32

Cervical dystonia is an extremely painful, chronic, neurological movement disorder that has no cure. It consists of uncontrollable muscle spasms, tremors and in my case, an involuntary pull of my head upward. This causes me to walk holding my hand constantly on the back of my head.

Daily functions of life became impossible. I was crawling upstairs, finding walls to lean against for support, constant pain levels of 8 to 10, 24 hours a day. I sought out help from a multitude of specialists, over several years, with no relief. Acupuncture Family Practice was just what I needed when I was finding my path.

With sincerest thanks to Judi and Kerry Weinstein for your expertise, devotion and profound knowledge. Acupuncture has helped to relieve stress, anxiety and pain. I can now say most days I am feeling 90% better. Acupuncture has been tremendously beneficial to me.
— Cervical Dystonia, 48

I was barely walking and completely in pain. I was willing to try anything. My doctors had no answers for me, and I spent most days in bed for almost 3 months. I knew nothing about acupuncture. Now I know I don’t have to ever live without it. It’s been almost 10 years since I met the Weinsteins. I went back to school, changed careers, and got married. Without Judy and Kerry I would still be in bed, talk about life changing! Words can’t express my gratitude for their time and patience with me.
— Chronic Pain, 41

In 2015, I had 3 surgeries in 11 months. When I was done healing and pain free, I tried to get rid of my lower back pain. Acupuncture helped alleviate my lower back pain. It was also a wonderful mind and stress cleansing experience. During my routine visits to see Judi and Kerry, I injured my right rotator cuff and lost my range of motion and was in a lot of pain. They focused on my shoulder area and within several days, I had NO pain and full range of motion. I still needed surgery due to the massive tear, but I was back in their office 2 days after surgery and my recovery and pain relief was helped with the acupuncture. Also in the 2 years I have been with them, I am no longer allergic to the many things I was allergic too! It is a great mind and body experience. I am hooked!
— Low Back Pain & Shoulder Injury, 55